Tanya Lasovsky in Norwegian landscapes | Art Lasovsky

Tanya Lasovsky in Norwegian landscapes


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Northern Stories

Short film by Alexander Ryabinkin


Lord, let me show at least a drop of Your beauty on the tip of my brush...

Tanya is an artist from the North, where the Sun goes under the horizon for a long winter, yielding the skies for northern lights, which whirls above endless deserts of white tundra. This nature's surroundings reflects in her paintings, where the family and personal relations with God has special place.

Art is a powerful craftsman's tool of reaching the peoples hearts. On her art pieces you will see not just a story, but a deep image which will touch and impress your feelings, it'll let to you to stop, look around and think about today's life and your further way.

For me as for her husband and as creative person as well, it's a special privilege to be so close, to see how her paintings touches the peoples lives, to create and living through together, and to support Tanya in her calling.

Art Lasovsky

Tanya Lasovsky (Norway | by Art Lasovsky) | Art Lasovsky

Tanya Lasovsky (Norway | by Art Lasovsky)